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Bra Fitting Consultation

Natalie gave her full attention to the whole service delivery from explaining what the session will consist of and where she can offer advice. Natalie opened the session with "My" bra issues and any questions I had and they were answered accordingly. Together we walked through step by step how to take my measurements and Natalie explained what each result equated to. 

We then spoke casually about the different types and styles of bras that would suit me depending on what I wanted to achieve with my clothing I.e, wearing a shirt versus a T-shirt. Natalie's knowledge is in-depth and unique.


Having the consultation in the comfort of your own homemade the service feel bespoke to me as the customer and very comfortable. Personally, I loved the service as it fitted in with my day, it was comfortable within my known environment and was informative on a level that was understandable.

Natalie followed up with an email to me detailing all the important information we discussed so I was armed with the information required to choose my new bras with more ease and knowledge. 

I'd recommend a consultation to anyone who felt like myself, confused with my growing bust and "what size am I". I'd recommend contacting Natalie and let her reassure you with her care for us and our health as unique women. 

- Hannah, UK

Bra Fitting Consultation

I just wanted to drop a line or two, to say thanks for your professionalism and patience when fitting me for the correct bra size, your knowledge and direction were conveyed with confidence and a smile. Thanks also for explaining and teaching me something new. 

Great experience.

Kind regards,

- Dawn, Essex 

Lingerie Fashion Tape


I was attending the funeral of a close friend the other day and the family of the deceased wanted everyone to wear bright colours on the day... I had a beautiful burnt orange and cream blouse, that I wanted to wear, but the only problem was it kept gaping between the breast buttons. Then I remembered that Natalie Joseph Lingerie sold a double-sided tape that would be perfect for the job. So, I went online and order one... It was delivered very quickly. It worked perfectly.

I was able to put my dear friend to rest. Thank you so much.  Natalie Joseph Lingerie. You helped to make a painful day that much easier. I highly recommend this product 👌

- Deborah, London

Bra Fitting Consultation


Thank you for the insightful bra consultation, just what I needed after my body changed from having a child. Adding discipline on how I wash my bras is very much needed as the bras I buy do not come cheap!

- Cleo, Surrey

Bra Fitting Consultation


Natalie was thorough, patient and very knowledgeable on how different bra brands tailor to specific shapes. This insight has made it easier to purchase bras online which I wasn't confident to do before. She provided lots of valuable tips too, put it all in an email so you can reference back. I'm so excited to buy her new range!

- Claire, UK

Bra Fitting Consultation 

Thanks so much for today it was super helpful, and relaxed and I learned so much. It's so refreshing to get such great advice from someone who knows EXACTLY what issues I have with finding comfortable, stylish and functional bras.

- Mariama, Coventry

Bra Fitting Consultation 


I delayed it because I was convinced they were my breast and I knew all I wanted to know.  Booked my first Bra fitting after much convincing.  Pure excitement from start to finish.  My virtual fitting was very inspirational and educational.  I didn't know all about my breast after all. I now have new Bras that fit the way they should.  Clothes fit much better and my curves are popping.

-Mitzi, Antigua

Bra Fitting Consultation 


I was very happy with the bra fitting consultation with Natalie, she carefully explained what the consultation was going to be about what the consultation wasn’t going to involve. You need a measuring tape so you can confirm you back and breast size so she can workout what Bra size you are. It was such a friendly and caring service, she makes you feel very comfortable in the setting. I would definitely recommend her for a Bra fitting. Thanks Natalie.

- Hilary, London

Bra Fitting Consultation 


Thank you so much for such a great service, getting my bra fitting done during these difficult times was needed. Now I feel confident that I’m wearing the correct bra size and that this lockdown hasn’t impacted that part of my life.

- Malaz, Essex

Bra Fitting Consultation

A quick note to say thank you so much for the bra fitting service you provided me and my daughter the other week.

I was unsure how it would be done virtually, but it was perfect. Not only did I learn how to measure myself (and my daughter) correctly, but you provided us with tips on how a correctly fitting bra should be. Accompanied with your friendly nature whilst being professional from start to finish, I highly recommended all women who come across Natalie Joseph from NJ Lingerie to have a virtual bra fitting with you.


- Ronke, Kent

Camille Long-Line underwire Bra and High-waist High-Leg full brief

I felt really sexy when I wore the underwired long-line bra and matching briefs under my clothing when I went to a dinner. The fit and feel was great and it made my red dress look even nicer on me as it gave me a great silhouette! Great lingerie really is one of the keys to confidence!!!

- Brit, London

Long-line underwire bra and full brief review

I am wearing my gorgeous Natalie Joseph's Lingerie, this long-line underwire bra and high-waist full brief benefits me as it has full coverage and is very comfortable when wearing clothes and sitting down, the fit is great with lift and support with feel really nice on the skin and I feel very secure.


The bra could be worn as outer wear maybe with a jacket and trousers for an evening out, the items are very flattering and made of good quality material.

- Alison, UK

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