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Natalie Joseph Lingerie is designed for the ethnically diverse, curvy and busty woman with bra cup measurements of F-K. Our collection is designed for comfort, shape control for a smooth silhouette. We aim to align our designs with our target markets needs and wants.

Our goal is to empower and inspire women to feel self-assured whilst expressing themselves through fashion; encouraging them to step into their confident and sexy selves and to make a positive impact for women worldwide. 


We want to challenge conventional beauty and sizing standards, and reflect the modern-day, fuller figure woman and Natalie is that woman! 

Natalie Joseph Lingerie brand grew out of Natalie’s frustration of adapting her own bras to work with her outfits. At size 34K Natalie decided she would design better and more comfortable, fashionable and functional bras for women like her.

After two years of extensive research of her target market, she trained to become qualified bra fitter, undertaking business, marketing and lingerie contouring courses to keep abreast of the lingerie industry whilst consistently networking.    

Natalie Joseph Lingerie Founder.png.jpg

During the last century, the UK woman’s body has evolved dramatically, particularly from diet and hormones, and has become more ethnically diverse. Consequently, many have become inherently curvier and heavier.


Many curvy women tend to have a larger volume to the bottom and may carry a lot of weight in the buttocks as well as in the abdomen. So, they will benefit from different fit specifications more suited to their particular lower body shape proportions and pelvic shape.

Natalie believes that the clothing and intimate apparel industry has failed to recognise the importance of ethnic body shapes and its commercial significance.

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