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The Camille long-Line Underwire Bra from our Legacy collection is the first of its kind that bra cleverly incorporates moisture-wicking fabric to absorb sweat and odours leaving you feeling dry and fresh. Natalie Joseph Lingerie collection is designed to keep you looking stylish, and constructed with innovative fabric technology to reduce the irritation from sweat rash, and bacteria under and between the breasts.


This Full Cup Long-Line Underwire Bra is a supportive full-cup bra that offers a super firm fit that many of us in the big boob community seek.  This versatile bra doubles up as a bodice/bodysuit that looks elegant under a blazer or open shirt. 


It has wide cushioned straps and extra padding around the underwire for extra cushion support for complete comfort and to prevent it from digging into your shoulders and ribs. The wires are firm and cushioned around the innovative fabric technology for your comfort.


There are 4 hooks to fasten for lots of support.  The bra has been specifically engineered as a wide, long-line under band for shape control for that smooth silhouette.


Constructed with a side sling to pull your boobs in for a forward projection, it leaves you with two perfectly shaped boobs instead of one heavy breast. 



Camille Long-Line Underwire Bra

SKU: NJ014-002
    • Full cup bra

    • Underwired

    • Long-line for support and coverage for support

    • Extra wide under band

    • Moisture-wicking fabrics to absorb sweat and avoid sweat rash

    • 4 hook fastening: F-K 30-38 

    • Non-padded

    • Side sling for support

    • Wide adjustable straps for comfort

    • Additional lining on underwire casing for comfort

    • Antibacterial  and odour reduction properties to avoid fungal and sweat odour 

    • Wider under band for more coverage

Bra Fitting
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