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Whether you’re embarrassed by breast movement, believe it restricts your fitness ability or you suffer from boob ache, the Boobuddy band is the fitness accessory everyone woman should have.


Boobuddy’s have helped countless women to run, jog, do gym workouts, and exercise with confidence.

• Small: 90cm in length (fits UK dress size 6-12). 
• Medium: 100cm in length (fits UK dress size 12-18). 
• Large: (fits dress size UK 18+)


20.7% Polyester 37.7% Elastomer 41.6% Nylon


Why should I wear a Boobuddy?
It has been estimated that during high-energy, high-impact sports women’s breasts can move up to ten or more centimetres.

Multi-directional movement can cause breast pain and sagging and put women off physical activity.

How do I wear my Boobuddy?
Place the Boobuddy above the breasts but under the arms. Correct positioning will comfortably compress the breasts and reduce both vertical and lateral movement.

Should I wear Boobuddy instead of a sports bra?
A good sports bra provides breast support and the Boobuddy reduces movement and prevents bounce, worn together they will provide maximum support and comfort. We recommend wearing the Boobuddy above the bra for comfort.

When should I wear Boobuddy?
Wearing your Boobuddy is important for occasional exercise as it is for regular exercise. It is also important for all types of physical activity, including both low- and high-impact activities, and exercise of short and long duration.

Do I have to be fitted by a professional to wear Boobuddy?
No, the velcro panel can be adjusted to fit. The band must be tight enough to prevent slipping but not so tight that it restricts breathing.


Choosing my size

Use your dress size to determine what size Boobuddy to choose. Alternatively, the lengths of our bands are on our sizing chart below, if you measure under your arms and use this measurement together with your dress size, it will help you ascertain the most accurate size for you - please take into consideration the elastic nature of the fabric so it will stretch further than the measurements provided.


• Small: 90cm in length (fits UK dress size 6-12). 
• Medium: 100cm in length (fits UK dress size 12-18). 
• Large: (fits dress size UK 18+)

I think I might be able to fit in two sizes?
If you fall between sizes we recommend opting for the smaller of the sizes. This is because Boobuddy is elasticated and can be customised to fit using the velcro panel. You want the band to fit around the top of your chest, but not be too big you end up with lots of excess material after fastening.

Boobuddy Breast Support Band

    • Far greater reduction in vertical and lateral movement compared to just a sports bra. The ideal solution for all low to high-impact activities. 
    • Prevents movement, injury, ligament damage, pain and sagging, and improves posture. The adjustable velcro helps support breasts of various sizes.
    • Increases comfort, confidence, and performance during all sporting, fitness and lifestyle activities. 
    • Whilst it has its roots in the medical support world and is great for post-op breast surgery/augmentation recovery, it has been developed for modern activity and exercise.
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