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The Bra Accessories Kit has 6 essentials products to protect your bras and provide you with comfort and support whilst wearing a bra. 



  • Bamboo Bra Liner – moisture-wicking bra liner to absorb sweat and odour from under and between the breasts
  • Silicon Shoulder Cushions – cushion the shoulder from heavy straps
  • Bra Extenders -widen the band for comfort
  • Lingerie wash bag - protect delicate garments in the washing machine
  • SOAK Wash – protect whilst washing delicate garments with a gentle, no-rinse detergent
  • Lingerie Fashion Tape – Use this tape to Secure gaps between buttons, open hems, secure deep plunge dresses, wrap-style tops, dresses, and more


Bra Accessories Kit

  • The Silicon Shoulder Cushions should be used on dry skin. Do not moisturise the shoulders before use of cushions.

    The Bra Liner, end to end, should go from underarm to underarm. The weight of the breasts also holds it in place.

    Size: Length 18” in black, white, beige.

    Made from: The outside is 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% cotton, while the inside is 100% cotton.

    Cold wash. Do not tumble dry and do not bleach.

Bra Fitting
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